Without Adjectives.


Imagine a world without adjectives.

Blanks, left searching for words. Gaps would punctuate thoughts and emotions. Sentences would seem like alphabets incorrectly strung together to form words.  Conversations might lose their flow. Will it hamper the way we live? No, but it would challenge the way we see and the way we think.

Nouns wouldn’t be enclosed in a box of definitions. These definitions would be threatened. Words would be concepts, enveloped with the freedom to traverse the world, contradicting the perceptions which trap it. Nouns and verbs will acquire strength that the adjectives had diluted thus far. Grammar will be tested; clarity of its concepts would be called for. It would challenge writers. How would they capture the chirping of the birds or the rising of the sun? It would challenge the way we think. The image of beauty would be ours to perceive.

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Online English Lessons

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