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How is spoken language linked to reading?

Child Hears and learns Phonemes

Lets review: Language acquisition is a natural process which is both genetic and environmental.  At birth infants are able to imitate all the sounds of language, unfortunately as they learn their countries particular language they begin to lose some of those sounds.  If a child is  unable to distinguish phonemes they will have difficulty in processing words.  It is crucial to expose to a variety of literature from infancy.

Learning words and morphemes

As children begin to speak they converse both on a simple and complex level.   Songs and rhymes benefit learning process. Processing disorders or brain damage may impede learning words.  Vocabulary is gained quickly from 18 months on.  Visual aides and manipulatives facilitate learning of new concepts.

I have seen how processing disorders delay language acquisition first hand.  At the age of two I remember being so proud…

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Questions and Answers IELTS

23.02.14. Part 2 Speaking - Model answer

Here is a model answer for this commonly asked IELTS Speaking Part 2 question:

Describe an intelligent person you know:

You should say:

-who this person is

-when and where you first met them

-what you usually talk about

-say why you think this person is intelligent

  • I’m going to talk about my father. I’ve known him all my life, so I can’t really say when or where we first met. In point of fact, he didn’t feature heavily in my early childhood; he worked away a lot so I rarely saw him. Now he’s approaching retirement I see him much more.
  • My father and I share a passion for computer science and football so we regularly talk about both of those things. My father is not a computer scientist exactly, but he advises the Thai government on which new technologies to develop here in Thailand and which should be…

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So, What Language Are We Speaking?

learning thai without studying

22 January 2014; AT5 = 1063 hours; total class time = 2001 hours; TV = 483.6 hours

Like a lot of simple transactions, it was almost wordless – and could, in fact, have been conducted entirely without spoken language.

As she bagged my head of cabbage, the vendor (a woman I’d never before dealt with) simply said ten.

Or at least that’s what I thought she said. I was momentarily puzzled when she gave me fourteen baht change for the twenty baht note I’d handed her. Then I remembered having run into the exact same confusion when buying some cooked rice over a year ago.

Probably, she was using English, not Thai. Thais often have difficulty pronouncing the X / KS sound, as well as a lot of the consonants that appear at the ends of English words (as noted previously). So someone trying to say English six

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The Slender Man – Audio Horror Reading

Creatively English

Last week the third class of The European School of Trieste had an hour of Slender Man fun. We pieced together a Slender Man literature jigsaw, and then performed it with with gusto! 🙂

For weeks I’ve been stalked by this…this…thing…and now Slender Man has finally found me…

A shiver runs down my spine as I daringly take a quick glance into my garden from behind the curtain, the sight of this peculiar creature makes my blood run cold.

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