Taking Time Out in Arabia


. . . when you have a break from teaching, planning, scheduling, managing students’ online webpages, marking writing notebooks for JOURNALs, preparing/viewing/grading constant assessments, invigilating quizzes and exams, handling record-keeping and meetings for student advisory responsibilities, preparing graded rubrics, organizing/photocopying/distributing handouts for weekly lessons, supervising student teachers’ assistant trainees, etc.

IMG_7982IMG_7981IMG_7984   Ride the bus to work.

IMG_7976IMG_7975IMG_7974  Take a weekend bus trip to Al Khobar where one can have breakfast, and/or tea, at places like this one.

IMG_7987IMG_7988IMG_7989  Take an after-work dinner break with a colleague at Steakhouse Restaurant.


IMG_7996  Have an after-work mango-lemonade, and a view, at the local Chili’s.

Then, return to the Dormitory and do more work:  IMG_6228[1]

Before going back to travel2 the next morning and Sunday-Thursday.

IMG_7486 Screen-shot-2011-01-15-at-10.57.49-AMhamburger-structure  TellMeIMG_6710IMG_6711IMG_6324[1]  IMG_5963IMG_5960IMG_5956 and more work.

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Al Jazeera International Academy of English, KSA.

Hear the Project Manager’s speech 09:20
Al Jazeera International Academy has 10 branches situated throughout Saudi Arabia; this also includes a couple of female branches. As well as offering English courses at its own academies, Al Jazeera organises projects at universities, government institutions, the King’s Scholarship Program as well as online English distance learning programmes. I am personally working with Al Jazeera and am currently employed as Project Manager of the English Language Unit at Al Baha University.

Al Jazeera’s preferred methodology is the Communicative Approach which places students into groups and pairs with the emphasis being put onto ‘Real Life Situations’.
The teachers come from a variety of countries including, The United States, Great Britain,The Middle East, Philippines, South Africa and Sudan. All the teachers are qualified to teach English. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Ddb87jJpWqI

Project Manager, Paul Rafferty and EFL lecturers from Al Jazeera International Academy

Project Manager, Paul Rafferty and EFL lecturers from Al Jazeera International Academy.

Our Regional Director, Mr Reda Ghalab is seated second from the right.

Al Baha and the Coincidental Meeting of Minds

Interestingly enough, whilst working as Project Manager and hosting a meeting of the minds of so-called English language teachers at Al Baha university high in the Saraat mountain region of Saudi Arabia more than a year ago, I was approached by a gentleman named Pat who was actually the representative of a publishing company. His job was to explain how to teach the Communicative Approach in accordance with the university Smartboards. During the meeting Pat asked me if I had any connection with Jersey in the British Channel Islands. I was flabbergasted by this question as, indeed, I have travelled to Jersey to visit my sister there on many occasions. He then explained that his brother lives in Jersey and is a friend of my sister!

The world is truly getting smaller…