Pros vs. Cons vs. Chimek

Bailey Say What

Few things are more sacred in Korea than chimek. The ritual so awesome it got a celebrity mashup name, chicken and mecju (beer) is known pretty much the moment Korean kids enter the world through the portal of cuteness and stickers from whence they come. It’s super social and frankly, super awesome to have fried chicken and beer as plentiful as Starbucks in Seattle.  


However…it’s not something you usually do alone. And here I am, solo white female wayguk (foreigner) on her laptop watching Dr. Who, having ordered a $16 basket of chicken and 500ml beer on my own. If I’m being honest, I only know of like 5 restaurants in Chilgok, and most of them are social-oriented. I haven’t really found places for people desperately alone…or maybe I’m just not looking and MAYBE I JUST REALLY WANTED CHICKEN, Y’ALL. 

I got off campus on the 2:20 bus thanks to…

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Candy Smash


So I’m teaching in Gwangju, South Korea, at a small private institute called a hagwon.  Hagwons abound in South Korea, where the students are under immense pressure to succeed.  And success means performing well on a small number of exams – including an English test – at different points during one’s academic career.  My students range from ages 11-17 (in the States we would consider these students 10-16 years old – when you’re born in Korea, you’re immediately  one  year old).

My students are just kids, but they work incredibly hard and keep long hours.  They go to regular school all day and then attend private academies in the evenings (I teach from 4:30 pm until 10 pm Monday through Friday).  Some kids come to our hagwon a couple times a week; others study English once a week but also attend math academy, or tae kwan do, or…

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Online English Lessons

Online English Lessons

I am now giving online English lessons.
My Skype name is: myenglishteacherpaul