Freshly Cut Adjectives

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Blog No 25 – Responsibly Sourced Adjectives

My local supermarket sells everything these days; eggs, TVs, socks, ‘freshly cut sandwiches’, car insurance, spatulas, holidays, ‘freshly cut sandwiches’ … you name it, it even has a brand new all-singing, all-dancing ‘information hub’ so I visited it recently to get some clarification on their ‘freshly cut sandwiches’, this is what happened (verbatim).

“Can I help sir?”
“Yes, these ‘freshly cut sandwiches’ of yours, can you tell me exactly when they were cut?”.
“Well sir, we prepare all our sandwiches at first light using only our own finest range of cold meats, fresh salads …”
“Yeah, I’m not really interested in what’s in them, I just want to know when the two pieces of bread with whichever filling, were actually, physically sliced diagonally into two halves?”.
“Is that important sir?”
“Yes I think it is, you have a twelve foot neon sign next…

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Me too!

A Hive of Activities

This is a great speaking activity that can be used as a warmer or as a short speaking activity to practise a grammar point or  some vocabulary or anything.  I got it from colleague in a sharing session after the ACEIA conference, where it was one of the activities presented by Teresa Bestwick (see her great blog here).

Here’s how it goes:

  • Put the students in pairs and tell them that they are going to do a speaking activity for 4 minutes.
  • Ask them to choose which one of the pair will speak first.
  • Explain that this person will speak about one of the questions. Their partner will listen carefully but not say anything until they can say “Me too!” in response to something that has been said. Then they take over talking until the first person can interrupt with “Me too!” and take over, and so on. The…

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