List of Adjectives to describe a person

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Here is a list of adjectives (both positive and negative) that are used to describe a person:

list of adjectives

  1. Affectionate: someone who is very loving.  Example: She was an affection lady.
  2. Elated: very happy.  Example: The woman felt elated to watch her son return home.
  3. Ambitious: someone who is very keen to rise up in life.  Example: He is an ambitious young man with a hunger for success.
  4. Dextrous: someone who is very skilful in physical movements.  Example: We have some dextrous mechanics to repair your cars
  5. Anxious: someone who worries a lot or to worry too much.  Example: My mother gets anxious if I reach home late.
  6. Creative: someone who things original.  Example: We need some creative designers in our company.
  7. Boring: someone who is not interesting at all.  Example: I can’t spend my life with a boring guy like him.
  8. Decisive: someone who makes decisions quickly and effectively.  Example: Managers…

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Book Review: Country Girl by Edna O’Brien a memoir


edna o'brien 005This memoir has such a delightful beginning–with O’Brien’s memories
from her Irish childhood, that I thought I was going to have to run out
and buy a copy.  The anecdotes just kept coming and I laughed and
admired her witty ways with a story.  It helped to be Irish and have
a Catholic background!  But anyone would enjoy her tales of visitors to
her house when she was little.

I especially liked the three brothers who had one good topcoat among
them and so had to take turns going to different Masses on Sundays.

Her mother was strict and never encouraged Edna’s interest in literature
and writing.  But they had a bond when her father terrorized the family
with his binges.  She married young–to another writer and had two little boys.
The marriage ended in divorce after Edna’s writing began to bring success.
Her husband was jealous and embittered, wanted…

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The things kids say


I remember the days when my kids laughed uncontrollably about poo and wee. These words were so funny and naughty.

Then there was the time when one of them said ‘fuck’ and I seized up and asked why they used that word. They didn’t know, but realised it was a no no. It was not repeated in our house for a lot of years.

I once pulled out of our village on to the major ‘A’ road between the local market towns and managed to stall the car mid carriageway; I am a rubbish driver. My reactionary vocabulary included the words ‘shit’ and ‘fuck’  and other words that I was unaware I could use so naturally. My kids were sitting in the back of the car, on their way to their weekly swimming lesson. and said nothing. I got the car started and pulled us away from imminent danger, my…

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