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images (1) This is a good activity for practising paraphrasing skills, or for introducing an FCE, CAE or CPE -style Sentence Transformation exercise.  I’ve used this activity in both CAE and CPE classes and I think the students have been surprised at how many different ways they can think of to say something.  They’re also surprised when they find the transformation exercises easier.  Credit goes to where I got this idea from.

Here’s how to do it:

  • Either have students write short sentences on bits of paper, ideally something they might say in everyday life, eg. “I like your hair,” OR use the original sentences of a Transformation exercise.
  • Collect the slips of paper and re-distribute, face down, to groups of 3-4.   A student takes the top one, turns it face up and reads the sentence. They then have to produce a paraphrase of the sentence, as does the next person…

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English proficiency tests are: a)fun b)hard c) difficult d)my head hurts

I is International

Definitely not letter A, I bet some would choose letter D…. And that would include me ha!

Higher Education in the US is not centralized nationally as it is in many other countries. If you are planning to attend a college or university it is important to note that admissions requirements will vary greatly from one institution to another. As an international student, you may have admission requirements in addition to those national students, including proof of English proficiency.

There are two main English tests accepted by universities and colleges: TOEFL (Test of English as a Foreign Language) and IELTS (International English Language Testing System)

They are both standardized tests to assess a person’s proficiency in English (reading, writing, speaking and listening). The big question a student face is “which one is better?”. Here are some differences between them:

– Speaking part. For TOEFL, the speaking part consists of six…

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Literacy – Noun Phrases. Use 2 or 3 adjectives before the noun:

Year 3 @ Two Moors

In Literacy we have been trying to improve our writing by adding 2 or 3 adjectives before the nouns so that we give the reader the information we want them to have. Today we used these simple noun-phrases below as starters before extending them with some interesting adjectives. Take a look at our sentences and see what you think?

the jewels = He picked up the sparkling, silver jewels.

the door = The camouflaged, rock-hard, stone door was pushed open by Paneb. (Billy & Joe)

the boxes = Smooth, wodden boxes were stacked neatly full of treasures. (Charlie & Amy)

the statues = Paneb and Dhalifa filled lots of bags with golden, solid, tall statues. (Billy & Joe)

the rings = Behind the statues were shiny, precious, expensive rings with jewels on top. (Isla & Rosie)

the heads = Golden heads of King Tut and his widow decorate the tombs…

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