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On Saturday night, my laptop crashed. Even in my days of not caring so much about what happened to my computer, this had never happened to me. It happened during a seemingly innocuous sending of a picture to my sister-in-law, a photograph of her and her sisters, including my wife. It is a particularly nice picture that I thought she might enjoy as a background photograph on her own computer, maybe to print out and frame, or maybe to delete without even opening. Whatever.

It’s tough to remain calm when a computer crashes, especially as a writer because, well, it would have been catastrophic for me. On the hypothetical list of “writer’s who are good at backing up important documents,” I’m at the bottom. All of my files – published, unpublished, finished, unfinished – 100’s of thousands of words were somewhere in the abyss. We got about a foot of…

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Book Review: Country Girl by Edna O’Brien a memoir


edna o'brien 005This memoir has such a delightful beginning–with O’Brien’s memories
from her Irish childhood, that I thought I was going to have to run out
and buy a copy.  The anecdotes just kept coming and I laughed and
admired her witty ways with a story.  It helped to be Irish and have
a Catholic background!  But anyone would enjoy her tales of visitors to
her house when she was little.

I especially liked the three brothers who had one good topcoat among
them and so had to take turns going to different Masses on Sundays.

Her mother was strict and never encouraged Edna’s interest in literature
and writing.  But they had a bond when her father terrorized the family
with his binges.  She married young–to another writer and had two little boys.
The marriage ended in divorce after Edna’s writing began to bring success.
Her husband was jealous and embittered, wanted…

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Rethinking grammar


It’s been way too long since I managed to post anything here. The last few weeks have come and gone in a bit of a blur: new writing projects, a new term at work, a plenary at the wonderful Poland IATEFL conference and so on. Anyway, yesterday my co-author and partner in crime Andrew Walkley and I gave a talk at University of Westminster, where we both work. The talk was part of our ongoing series of Teacher Development talks and was entitled RETHINKING GRAMMAR.

Rather than write about it, I decided to make a video of the Powerpoint and narrate the thing more or less as we did it last night.

Hope you enjoy it and look forward to reading your thoughts and comments.

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