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Q: How do you keep someone in suspense?Hitchcock
A: I’ll tell you tomorrow!

Explanation: Suspense is that feeling of wanting to know what is going to happen.  In his films, Alfred Hitchcock was a master of suspense, keeping you on the edge of your seat waiting to find out what was going to happen next.  That’s what makes this joke funny- the questioner keeps the listener in suspense by saying, “I’ll tell you tomorrow!”


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The Canary Islands cry NO to extractions

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Although it could be an important natural resource to give wealth to the population, The Canary Islands and its governments say no to extractions of deep water crude from the Canary-Saharian platform.


Nowadays our society demands a large amount of energy to keep on working properly and near 70% of the energy sources comes from extraction of petroleum. Unfortunately, alternative, renewal energies, like sun or wind power, are still too much expensive to get cover the global market.

Nowadays our society demands a large amount of energy to keep on working properly and near 70% of the energy sources comes from extraction of petroleum. Unfortunately, alternative, renewal energies, like sun or wind power, are still too expensive to get cover the global market.


There is a big project to extract crude near the shores of The Canary Islands which could be an important amount of incomes to the local governments…

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Green smoothies to start your day right (50-day resolution #3)

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I mentioned a while back that I made 3 50-day resolutions.  The more-blogging resolution has kind of been on “pause”, but I’ve continued with my health-related resolutions: daily planking and green smoothies.  I was already having smoothies a few times a week, but I decided to try making it a 50-day thing, so that I would get a good dose of fruit and vegetables, Omega 3 fat, fibre, and probiotics to start my day.  It’s been a good way to start my day.

I was inspired at first by my friend, Andrea, who posted this on her blog:

Andrea’s diet is a bit different than mine, but I liked the idea of making green food an important part of my breakfast.  As you can see by my photos, I always add a seed for fibre and Omega 3 fat (flax, chia, or hemp).  I also add Greek yogurt, for…

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That Time I spent a Day Judging English Language Debates in a National Competition

The Adventures of Sam Sam and the Blue Lotus

It is difficult to express exactly what it means to be a white person in a lesser known Chinese city. You are both celebrity and minority, you are a joke and you are a commodity, you are exotic and yet also a nuisance.

What it also means though is that you get approached to do all sorts of exciting things. A friend of mine has a job as a senior branding consultant for an Egyptian Ad agency because he isn’t Chinese, countless numbers of my friends teach English on the weekends for cash and a number of others have internships that require them to do more than just get the coffee.

It was not exactly surprising then when a number of us were recruited to judge English language debates at a Ningbo High School. It was apparently the provincial finals of a national competition and its hard to come by…

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Transport and travel

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ImageStrong adjectives– Find synonyms for the strong adjectives


 Answer the question- you have to be fast!

Are you hungry?

Was your mother angry?

Is her flat small?

Are you tired?

Is the floor dirty?

Are you afraid of spiders?

Is the water cold?

Was the film good?

Were you tired after the exam?

Is the kitchen dirty?

Is the house big?

Was the weather bad?

Are you afraid of flying?

Is the soup hot?

Was the teacher angry?

is the bedroom small?

Are the dogs hungry?

Is the cake nice?

Comparatives and superlatives– Read the sentences and find the mistakes.

What’s the quicker way to get to the South of France?

Driving is more boring than going by train.

Petrol isn’t as cheap in Britain than in France.

Does the plane cost the same as the train?

Going by train is less expensive as flying.

It was the…

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List of Adjectives to describe a person

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Here is a list of adjectives (both positive and negative) that are used to describe a person:

list of adjectives

  1. Affectionate: someone who is very loving.  Example: She was an affection lady.
  2. Elated: very happy.  Example: The woman felt elated to watch her son return home.
  3. Ambitious: someone who is very keen to rise up in life.  Example: He is an ambitious young man with a hunger for success.
  4. Dextrous: someone who is very skilful in physical movements.  Example: We have some dextrous mechanics to repair your cars
  5. Anxious: someone who worries a lot or to worry too much.  Example: My mother gets anxious if I reach home late.
  6. Creative: someone who things original.  Example: We need some creative designers in our company.
  7. Boring: someone who is not interesting at all.  Example: I can’t spend my life with a boring guy like him.
  8. Decisive: someone who makes decisions quickly and effectively.  Example: Managers…

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Bright as a bottle of water?

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There is an ad campaign at the moment that plays on the similarity between the name of a brand of bottled water – hella – and the adjective/adverb hell. The poster ads, versions of which you can view here, have the slogan:

Ein hella Augenblick

The website explains the campaign thus – Das sind sie: Die kleinen Augenblicke, in denen plötzlich alles stimmt – for which I will suggest the translations “These are the little moments when all of a sudden everything clicks” or “These are those little moments when suddenly all is right with the world.”

The photos that accompany this slogan play on both the literal “bright,” “light” and “pure” meanings of hell and its comparative form heller (e.g., the couple looking out at the sun from underneath a blanket) and their more figurative alternatives (e.g., the boy with the mask and snorkel playing in the…

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