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QI: Quite Interesting is a website with many, many things to discover. It’s a TV show, a radio show, a whole universe. But one place that’s fun to start with is their Research Infocloud.

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Some quite interesting things you’ll be able to find out about:


Japanese food

Alice in Wonderland


Valentine’s Day

There’s a search box, and you can click on the cloud to refresh your choices or click on “Lucky Dip” to find a random page:

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A Bitter Taste of Vocabulary!


Learning new vocabulary can be a bit tricky when you’ve had so much other English-y stuff drummed into you all week. Some of it just falls out. The way to aid students with information retention is by making the lessons more personalised – allowing the students to make a connection between the new vocab and a personal feeling, memory or in this case, taste! Our words du jour were chewy, fizzy, bitter, sweet, ripe, bland, chewy, savoury/salty and ripe. I elicited as much as I could and offered examples during class, and we completed a gap fill exercise. The next day I prepared the classroom for an impromptu revision session on what they had (hopefully) learnt. It looked a little something like this:
My suitably concerned students piled into the classroom with trepidation as I revealed they would be blindfolded and led into class one by one, sample some drink…

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Adverbs & Adjectives Worksheet

Squarehead Teachers

Adverbs adjectives sticker

I recently needed a worksheet to assess students’ knowledge of adjectives vs. adverbs. So here’s a 20 question page to help you know if your grammar lesson worked or not! Enjoy!

Click here for the free printable PDF:
adverbs adjectives worksheet
adverbs adjectives worksheet ANSWERS

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