Taking Time Out in Arabia


. . . when you have a break from teaching, planning, scheduling, managing students’ online webpages, marking writing notebooks for JOURNALs, preparing/viewing/grading constant assessments, invigilating quizzes and exams, handling record-keeping and meetings for student advisory responsibilities, preparing graded rubrics, organizing/photocopying/distributing handouts for weekly lessons, supervising student teachers’ assistant trainees, etc.

IMG_7982IMG_7981IMG_7984   Ride the bus to work.

IMG_7976IMG_7975IMG_7974  Take a weekend bus trip to Al Khobar where one can have breakfast, and/or tea, at places like this one.

IMG_7987IMG_7988IMG_7989  Take an after-work dinner break with a colleague at Steakhouse Restaurant.


IMG_7996  Have an after-work mango-lemonade, and a view, at the local Chili’s.

Then, return to the Dormitory and do more work:  IMG_6228[1]

Before going back to travel2 the next morning and Sunday-Thursday.

IMG_7486 Screen-shot-2011-01-15-at-10.57.49-AMhamburger-structure  TellMeIMG_6710IMG_6711IMG_6324[1]  IMG_5963IMG_5960IMG_5956 and more work.

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