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23.02.14. Part 2 Speaking - Model answer

Here is a model answer for this commonly asked IELTS Speaking Part 2 question:

Describe an intelligent person you know:

You should say:

-who this person is

-when and where you first met them

-what you usually talk about

-say why you think this person is intelligent

  • I’m going to talk about my father. I’ve known him all my life, so I can’t really say when or where we first met. In point of fact, he didn’t feature heavily in my early childhood; he worked away a lot so I rarely saw him. Now he’s approaching retirement I see him much more.
  • My father and I share a passion for computer science and football so we regularly talk about both of those things. My father is not a computer scientist exactly, but he advises the Thai government on which new technologies to develop here in Thailand and which should be…

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