Most Common Verbs Every Beginner English Learner Should Know

Lifestyle Filipino by Chris Delacruz

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The VERB, or action word, is the most important part of the sentence?  Why?  The verb gives life, motion, and color to the subject.  It gives the subject meaning and movement.  Otherwise, the subject just sits there and does nothing.  Here are some verbs that every beginner English language learner should know.

Go down the list and check to see if you already know how to use some of them.  If not, it’s time to practice.  Feel free also to add other “verbs for beginners” in the comment section so that I can update this list.  Cheers!

  1. accept
  2. account
  3. achieve
  4. act
  5. add
  6. admit
  7. affect
  8. afford
  9. agree
  10. aim
  11. allow
  12. answer
  13. appear
  14. apply
  15. approve
  16. argue
  17. arrange
  18. arrive
  19. ask
  20. attack
  21. avoid
  22. base
  23. be
  24. beat
  25. become
  26. begin
  27. believe
  28. belong
  29. borrow
  30. break
  31. bring
  32. build
  33. burn
  34. buy
  35. call
  36. can
  37. care
  38. carry
  39. catch
  40. cause
  41. change
  42. charge
  43. check
  44. choose
  45. claim
  46. clean
  47. clear
  48. climb
  49. close
  50. collect

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