English in Japan

A short film about English in Japan

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  1. Well, I have been living and working in Japan for over a year, and I have to say that although teaching English in elementary schools has been mandatory since 2001, it hasn’t worked. English is still never dealt with seriously and the Japanese teachers’ performance is appalling. They need intensive oral and aural training to do this. The only positive thing is that there are now more kindergarten schools opening and so a minority of (wealthy) parents are sending their children to these schools just because they know how ridiculous and pointless teaching or learning English is in elementary, junior and high school. Even in junior high school, the teachers are still transcribing English words into Katakana for the students who then end up using it as a basis for forming English sounds and eventually learning bad habits. It is those bad habits that make it almost impossible for both kids and adults to speak and understand English.
    As far as I can see, the main culprit in all this is the board of education which is run by the most narrow-minded and foolishly stubborn “educators”. Let’s not forget the so-called “university professors” mob who are not quite interested in seeing any changes happening as that could mean “sayonara” to their hideous textbooks, which, I might add, are tremendously hated by both teachers (a head teacher divulged that to me) and students.
    Conclusion: Talking about “blossoming” is one thing, seeing it happen is another!

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