IWB Creations on Placement

The Journey To Become Miss Smith

During my time at my placement school I was able to use my skills learnt in ICT to create several IWB resources for my lessons. Below I have uploaded screenshots and a bried explantion.

electronic sorting objects game

Science: Sorting game of electronic objects with a check tick system once complete.


letter features game

English: Features of a letter (address, date, dear etc) covered by popping balloons.

money game

Numeracy: Money topic, using a purse with coins to pay for a given item and price. Children are able to physically move the coins from their purse into the shop keepers hand, large for everyone to see (peer assessment).

sentance game

English: Working with nouns, adjectives and verbs to either make a sensible sentance or a hilarious non sense sentance e.g. hug the rotten cheese

numeracy pitch and expectations

Numeracy: Pitch and expectation questions session, using IWB visual and interactive. Children were able to physically move the gingerbread men to help find the answer.


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