Read and Sing Holiday Style

English with a Smile

Things to Read in the Holidays

Here are a few stories I recommend you to read.

1)   Fat by Marie Potoczny

I’m sure you’ve thought about changing a few things here and there in 2014. Have you? Well, then you will enjoy this hilarious story about a fat girl who starts a slimming down diet. Don’t get too thin, or too weird, like the girl in the story. Especially be very wary when things start rolling out of you…

This story is an easy read.

“I was doing that one night, standing there, trying to look thin when I felt something tumble out of my fat rolls onto the wood floor with a little plastic clink and roll under the bed. I got down on my hands and knees, reached under the bed, and picked it up. It was a roll of cherry-flavored ChapStick I thought I’d lost a…

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