Post Christmas and more thoughts on TEFL stuff

We're All foreign, Aren't We?


Well… Christmas was actually quite good! The standard 12-4 work shift (I live in a pub, so working on Christmas day is a requisite – 60 quid for 4 hours work is decent), pub grub for Christmas and loads of films that are on every year (good job I have the memory of a goldfish). I got some money, clothes – the standard 23 year old fare. Beyond this, I’ve spent a majority of the last few days reading up on teaching english in China. This has been for two reasons:

– I can’t be arsed to revise

– I have a serious bout of man-flu (thus not feeling great enough to go out, buy clothes and get smashed)


It begs one serious question though: Where to teach in China?


Because it’s such a bloody big country and it’s so damn populated, there’s obviously a lot of options and…

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