‘Is American English better than British English or vice versa?’

Caoimhín's Blog from The Middle Kingdom

(From a LinkIn post – another contributor asked the question above; what appears below is my response)

“Neither better nor worse just different”: right on spot. I constantly try to nail this home to my students and Chinese English teachers. The English spoken by Chinese English academics is not Chinglish. It is an English in its own right which I refer to as Chinese American English (e.g. the English required to pass the TEM 4 & 8). The problem is, on the one hand, that so many native English speaker teachers do not recognize that “English” is a plural phenomenon, and that alternative Englishes are not an errant deviation from SAE. On the other hand, there are many Chinese teachers of English who counsel their students not to abide by their native English speakers’ teaching because it is “wrong English.” To repeat, both do not recognize that English is a…

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