Most of time, in English, there are words and verbs with some prepositions or another words that give us multiple meanings. And it’s very difficult to many people when they’re studying English. So, Make, do, take and get are the most multiple in English and here we can see them.


make an agreement: when people have the same opinion, or when they approve of or accept something.
make an announcement (to): communicate something official
make an appointment (with): formal arrangement to meet or visit someone.
make arrangements (for): to plan how something will happen.
make an attempt (to): to try something.
make the bed: to organize the bed
make believe: to pretend or image.
make breakfast (dinner, a sandwich): prepare the meal.
make a clean copy: – to copy again what you did.
make it clear (to): – speak very clear and with no misunderstanding.
make a complaint (about):

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