How much longer can I say I Hate writing before you get sick of hearing it?

and we begin with original statements


While I can say that I know why I write (I think), to affirm the nothingness that is me via the nothing that is text/words (or to transform my nothingness into a distanced fictionalized version of myself, not necessarily to imbue my “self” with meaning inherent in fictionalizing, but in “decorating” my “self” with all the features necessary for fictionalization: linguistic games, literary techniques, para- and meta-linguistic elements, rhetoric…What is more realistic? A documentation that begs itself to not be a text or a self-acknowledged farce of linguistic devices?), why do other people write? This question haunts me. In order for my writings to carry any meaning for others, I think, it must be in the same vein that other writings carry meaning. But if the nothingness brings the nothingness of me here to affirm this nothingness… how the hell can I even pretend to impart some meaning? I…

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