Isn’t It Ironic? Yeah, I Really Do Think.

I Don't Get It

Dear Alanis Morissette,

This is an example of irony. According to the Oxford English Dictionary “irony” is “a figure of speech in which the intended meaning is the opposite of that expressed by the words used.” Granted, the above example does not contain a figure of speech, but it contains visual irony. Out of all the spelling words, only “illiterate” was spelled correctly. And illiterate means “unable to read or write.” Get it?

Your song, “Ironic,” now notorious for not having one actual example of irony, is in itself ironic. I’m fairly certain they teach word meanings in Canada, but maybe you weren’t paying attention.

  • Insects in wine? Not ironic.
  • Posthumous pardons? Ask their families. Not ironic.
  • Rain on your wedding day? Not ironic. Does the humidity cause Diana Ross “Love Hangover” hair? Perhaps. But it’s still not ironic.

So why am I hassling you 18 years later? You’ve gotten enough…

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