Information Gap Activities

Funtastic Teaching

If you are always looking for tasks that can make your classes more interactive, info gap activities are excellent. This type of activities force students to ask referential questions to each other in order to gather needed information.

As children are usually interested on their partners’ bedrooms and what they have in them, and describing what a room is like is a common thing between young learners, the following lesson helps ESL students learn how to describe a room and the different objects we may find in it. 

Topics: Tv shows, houses
Grammar focus: Prepositions of place; there is/are; quantifiers
Skills: Speaking and writing
Course: Primary education. 5th Grade
Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes

1. The Simpons‘ living room (15 minutes)


Show your students a picture of a living room. I chose The Simpsons just because of the popularity of the…

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