Green smoothies to start your day right (50-day resolution #3)

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I mentioned a while back that I made 3 50-day resolutions.  The more-blogging resolution has kind of been on “pause”, but I’ve continued with my health-related resolutions: daily planking and green smoothies.  I was already having smoothies a few times a week, but I decided to try making it a 50-day thing, so that I would get a good dose of fruit and vegetables, Omega 3 fat, fibre, and probiotics to start my day.  It’s been a good way to start my day.

I was inspired at first by my friend, Andrea, who posted this on her blog:

Andrea’s diet is a bit different than mine, but I liked the idea of making green food an important part of my breakfast.  As you can see by my photos, I always add a seed for fibre and Omega 3 fat (flax, chia, or hemp).  I also add Greek yogurt, for…

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