Funtastic Teaching

This new post provides teachers with a lesson based on storytelling and fables! Enjoy!

Topics: Animals; stories; fables; values education
Grammar focus: Narrative tenses; time expressions
Skills: writing; speaking
Course: Primary education. 6th grade
Time: 1 hour and 30 minutes (this depends on the number of students)

1. Introducing the topic (15 minutes)

– Ask them if they like reading, what their favourite book is or when they last read a book.
– Do a brainstorm with your students. You can use the second slide of the presentation.
– Show them pictures of a hare and a tortoise. Elicit the story and tell them you are going to see a short video about this fable.

2. The moral of the story (5-10minutes)

Your students now need to decide what the moral of the story is. Open the PowerPoint presentation and let them see the four…

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