EFL / ESL Teaching Tip: Four Quadrants

Rennert New York TESOL Center | TESOL/TESL/TEFL Certification

This is Autumn sharing a fun improvisational game that you can use with your students.


Autumn: Hi! My name is Autumn and I have a fun game to share with you today. It’s called 4 Quadrants. Basically, you need a little bit of space in order to play this game. If you have a table, you can use the 4 corners of the room. Basically, the idea is to give each of the four corners of the room an assigned emotion or maybe it’s a movie genre or maybe it’s a music genre—this is a really common improv game. So, you give the class a scene. Maybe you have 2 people who star the scene and then you just keep adding people in so that you have a little party going on. The key is that as they are doing this scene, you tell them when to move and…

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