Insective adjectives

Bugman Jones

A chance tweet from the Horniman Museum Walrus (yes, he has his own Twitter account) suggested that the English language was all the poorer for not having an adjective for all things of a walrus nature. His own suggestions — walrussian, walrusite — were quickly followed by walrusful, walrusellian, tuskous, odobensine and, my own modest contribution, walrish.

This immediately got me thinking that there are also precious few insectival adjectives.

A quick search comes up with just a very few in common use, many of these pejorative:

Antsy (like an ant), Apian (of, or belonging to bees), Formic (of or from from ants, but really limited to acid), grubby (having lots of grubs, slightly archaic), Larval (like, or of, a larva, mostly technical talk though), Lousy (like, or infested with lice), Maggoty (full of maggots), Mothy (really just an alternative for moth-eaten), Waspish (although this is not often applied…

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