Transport and travel

Relax! Speak English

ImageStrong adjectives– Find synonyms for the strong adjectives


 Answer the question- you have to be fast!

Are you hungry?

Was your mother angry?

Is her flat small?

Are you tired?

Is the floor dirty?

Are you afraid of spiders?

Is the water cold?

Was the film good?

Were you tired after the exam?

Is the kitchen dirty?

Is the house big?

Was the weather bad?

Are you afraid of flying?

Is the soup hot?

Was the teacher angry?

is the bedroom small?

Are the dogs hungry?

Is the cake nice?

Comparatives and superlatives– Read the sentences and find the mistakes.

What’s the quicker way to get to the South of France?

Driving is more boring than going by train.

Petrol isn’t as cheap in Britain than in France.

Does the plane cost the same as the train?

Going by train is less expensive as flying.

It was the…

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