Literacy – Noun Phrases. Use 2 or 3 adjectives before the noun:

Year 3 @ Two Moors

In Literacy we have been trying to improve our writing by adding 2 or 3 adjectives before the nouns so that we give the reader the information we want them to have. Today we used these simple noun-phrases below as starters before extending them with some interesting adjectives. Take a look at our sentences and see what you think?

the jewels = He picked up the sparkling, silver jewels.

the door = The camouflaged, rock-hard, stone door was pushed open by Paneb. (Billy & Joe)

the boxes = Smooth, wodden boxes were stacked neatly full of treasures. (Charlie & Amy)

the statues = Paneb and Dhalifa filled lots of bags with golden, solid, tall statues. (Billy & Joe)

the rings = Behind the statues were shiny, precious, expensive rings with jewels on top. (Isla & Rosie)

the heads = Golden heads of King Tut and his widow decorate the tombs…

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