Marvelous is my favorite adjective for a positive thing. I am one of those people who likes to think about words that mean the same thing and over analyze them like pageant contestants to determine which one does the best job.
And I determined that marvelous wins. Wonderful is froofy, magnificent too removed, delightful is the choice of debutantes scorning unfashionable peers.
Sublime takes second, but it’s a touch too pretentious.
Now try saying it, marvelous. Sarcastically! Now ferociously or with a slight drawl on the ‘a’ for sex appeal, eyes narrowed, or perhaps too much emphasis on the ‘s’ to suggest malicious intentions.
Isn’t is lovely! So versatile! So willing to adapt! Clap it on the back. Kiss it on the cheek. I would like to think marvelous serves me well, and even if it doesn’t, I flaunt it with such confidence I could fool you into second guessing…

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