Does one have to read…



…in order to write? Personally, I think if you don’t read, but have aspirations to become a writer, you could be selling both yourself and your potential readers short. If you don’t read at least the genre you’ve chosen, how can you be aware of what’s successful and what’s not? To me, it’s like a painter trying to depict a beautiful picture, whilst wearing a blindfold.

So why do some writers write, without bothering to read? Well there could be several reasons, two of which might be laziness, or impatience. Time and again I’ve read manuscripts riddled with cliches, adverbs and adjectives, because the author is way behind the times. Not having read a book since they were a child, they’re stuck in a writing style way out of date, as far as technique goes. I’m an avid reader of several genres, but when I embarked on my writing journey…

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