List of Adjectives to describe a person

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Here is a list of adjectives (both positive and negative) that are used to describe a person:

list of adjectives

  1. Affectionate: someone who is very loving.  Example: She was an affection lady.
  2. Elated: very happy.  Example: The woman felt elated to watch her son return home.
  3. Ambitious: someone who is very keen to rise up in life.  Example: He is an ambitious young man with a hunger for success.
  4. Dextrous: someone who is very skilful in physical movements.  Example: We have some dextrous mechanics to repair your cars
  5. Anxious: someone who worries a lot or to worry too much.  Example: My mother gets anxious if I reach home late.
  6. Creative: someone who things original.  Example: We need some creative designers in our company.
  7. Boring: someone who is not interesting at all.  Example: I can’t spend my life with a boring guy like him.
  8. Decisive: someone who makes decisions quickly and effectively.  Example: Managers…

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Ex Post Facto


Ex post facto means “after the fact.” A good example is someone trying to change the rules of a game after it’s already begun.

Ex post facto defined: “something that affects things that happened in the past. When a law changes the zoning rules and applies even to zoning decisions that were made in the past, it is an

example of an ex post facto change to the zoning laws.” ADJECTIVE–Your Such a change is considered retroactive.

Origin of ex post facto
Late Latin, literally, from a thing done afterward.
First Known Use: 1621–Merriam

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How To Spice Up Your Life Verbally


People in the world talk a lot and use many words to describe or explain whatever they are doing or thinking. Now I have a question for all the readers, how many of you actively use adjectives or new descriptive words whenever you speak? How many use the same adjectives all the time such as nice, cool, pretty, and okay? In this post I’m telling you to get rid of those generic adjectives and get some “Spice” for your mouth. I recommend using a thesaurus to get spices. For the sake of this post, “spices” are mind-blowing adjectives not part of the regular adjectives normally used. Words such as wondrous, magnificent, beautiful, entrancing, and mind-blowing can all add the “spice” or “pazzaz” to an ordinary sentence and turn in into a delicious concoction. Words that will keep the listener wanting more and more. Literally, it is going to make talking…

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I don’t know!

This is your father

Dear boys,

The world is such a scary place because of all the unknown dangers, all the what ifs. We do all we can to hedge ourselves against the unknowns. We get insured, we get educated, we get experts opinions and we do all sorts of things to be in the ‘know’. And for all you know, we still don’t know a lot!

Life is like that, we were never meant to know everything. Which is why in life, answers are not necessary. It is the questions, the incessant questions that drives the world. Not the answers. Answers will begets more questions, and answering more questions, begets even more questions, those who are not comfortable with questions,will never find the right answers.

While you boys, at your age, go about getting educated, remember, education and knowledge don’t mean squat in life. The education you get gives you the basics…

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Difference betw…

Diary of a Logophile

Difference between giving an opinion and making a statement: Opinion is my own, Where as Statement is what i think u own!



Often people tend to misinterpret things being said. The sinking line between an opinion and a statement sparks the fire in the heart. The more you take things as an opinion, the better the understanding and doing. The more you take it as a statement the worse you make yourself look. Your acceptance to the statements and not opinions proves that you agree with the world and not oneself. I give an opinion because i feel strong for that matter, you take it as a statement because you too believe in the same.

Why are we juxtaposing two different terms for the sake of one ego?

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