Let’s change our time zone to match the UK, say Spanish MPs


Politicians in Spain are urging the country’s time zone to be brought back an hour, which will bring it into line with Britain.

The country’s MPs reportedly feel that the shift would have a positive effect on the Spanish way of life, moving them closer to a nine-to-five work schedule with regular family time and evening meals.

Spain had previously been aligned with the British and Portuguese time zones prior to World War II, but following dictator Franco’s association with Hitler the they were changed in 1942 to follow Nazi Germany.

‘The fact that for more than 71 years Spain has not been in its proper time zone means… we sleep almost an hour less than the World Health Organisation recommends,’ the parliamentary commission said in its report.

‘All this has a negative effect on productivity, absenteeism, stress, accidents and school drop-out rates.’

The change would have an impact both…

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