How much is too much?

Anarchic Writing

Frozen yogurt. Do you ever go to those frozen yogurt places where you get a plastic bucket and you fill it with various yogurts, toppings, seasonings, and other tasty stuff? If you’re like me, you probably go overload the bucket with more toppings than actual yogurt. Admit it, you’ve done this also. If done right, your yogurt tastes amazing.

However, although we have the freedom to fill the cup with toppings, we don’t. We usually limit ourselves and draw a line. Why? Because, well to me, too much sugar becomes too… untasty. [plus, fattening. (citation needed)] Have you ever noticed that if you eat one chocolate bar, it tastes like heaven? But how about if you eat five more? It tastes good, but not heavenly anymore. Fifty more? You’re probably tired of chocolate by then. A hundred? You probably don’t want to eat chocolate anymore.

Just like in writing, sometimes…

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