‘FAT’ is not an insult!

Big Girl Bubs

I wrote this earlier when I was in a rant-ish mood. I thought I might share it with the blogosphere.

I was walking home the other day, and I heard this girl say “I don’t like her, so she’s fat. But if I liked her, she wouldn’t be fat.” The first thing I thought to myself was “What the actual F?” Why is ‘fat’ such a derogatory term? It’s not meant to be that way. It’s always the first word a girl uses if she wants to insult another girl. But honestly, it’s not a bad name for someone. It’s a state of body size and shape. I’m fat. I’m big. I’m voluptuous. It all means the same thing. Why is it so wrong to be called fat? I’m so done with girls who obsess with the idea of using body shape adjectives to insult people. It’s ridiculous. If you…

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