Week 37: Arabic

A Cynic's 2013 Challenge

I learnt German as a child. It went rather well; my vocabulary isn’t always perfect and my grammar never is, but I’ve pretty much nailed the native accent, and that’s what counts in the “sexy” rankings (because it is well known that anyone who can speak a foreign language is automatically sexier than their monolingual chums, especially and definitely not even if that language is German). However, since untangling the Teutonic tongue, oh goodness, a couple of decades ago now, I have struggled to secure another string to my lingua-bow.

I have but two memories of a year’s worth of Italian tuition at school, one is learning to locate the all-important “dolce” on restaurant menus and the other is watching the film Pinocchio. The mass of wild tangled hair that is all I remember of my teacher would however be proud to know that since the discovery of caffeine…

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