Let’s Talk About Prepositions

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Some of you may be wondering what a preposition is or whether it is ever acceptable to use them. Simply put, a preposition could be labeled as a connecting word, or a word that forms a relationship between other words. Examples of this include:

“About,” “considering,” and “via”

The words “in,” “of,” and “to” are some of the most frequently used prepositions in the English language. Think about it for a moment–how often do you use these words? Some of them have already been used in this post!

Prepositions can be tricky and sneaky, and sometimes they are appropriate for use at the end of a sentence. Wait! Don’t most grammarians say that it is never acceptable to end with a preposition? Many do, and many do not, given the circumstances are correct. Here is an example of a sentence that can with a preposition (we are directing someone to…

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