An Odd Oddity

Musings of an Expatriate

Sometimes there are things that just strike you as odd when you live in another country.  A lot of times its social norms or ideologies.  But most recently it was something much simpler.


BOOKS.  Yeah, books.


I have had a few of my students talk to me about books.


Now, with my cultural background from the US, this struck me as very odd.  I was like, what’s up with books, you can get them everywhere and they’re dirt cheap.  Well, that’s simply not the case here in Mexico.


It started with a student asking me to bring books back from the States when I go home for Christmas.  I thought it odd, since I thought books were ubiquitous.  But not so, here.


More explanation from several students reveals that not only are books expensive here, but also somewhat of a rare commodity.  The books here…

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