I think I want to be a teacher…


I could feel my face getting red and the seconds ticking by….my thoughts were racing.  Come on, come on.  What now?? Come up with something – they’re all looking at you!

But to no avail; my mind remained as blank as the blackboard behind me.  We’d sped through the lesson I had planned faster than anticipated, and I had no idea what to do next.   “Okay, that’s it for today.  You can go,” I said lamely, ending class 10 minutes early for lack of a better (or any) idea.   It’s true – my name is Mary Beth, I have trouble thinking on my feet, and I get nervous speaking in front of people.  Unfortunately, these qualities are especially disadvantageous since I am a teacher (though at the time of this experience, I was actually a teacher in training).   On that day, I was standing in front of a class of…

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