Woe is I

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Woe is IThis one was just screaming at me from the bookshelf. Surrounded by a bunch of bleah looking book spines the brightness of this one is an eye catcher.

Do you have troubles with the usage of “who” and “whom”? “That” and “which”? Well fear no more because Patricia O’Conner has got your back! With witty remarks woven in Ms. O’Conner informs readers of some certain grammar taboos while providing an interesting narrative. Topics covered in “Woe is I” range from the easy stuff (e.g. difference between “its” and “it’s”) to the more misunderstood and closes with email etiquette. Very informational. And how delightful to see literature references sprinkled throughout the book. Pip Pirrip, Elizabeth Bennett, Fitzwilliam Darcy, etc!

There are some things I didn’t agree with. The author lists some phrases, words, etc which she thinks ought to be done away with, but for someone with a love for idioms…

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