Defined:  1: forming an arch overhead  2: dominating or embracing all else <overarching goals> It is an ADJECTIVE.  (Merriam-Webster Online.)

I heard this one on CNN.  SiriusXM is a great tool for vocabulary building!  But it is difficult to catalog words while driving.  When you are not operating machinery, log words into a small notebook or on index cards (like me!).  Look them up if you need to or just start using them!  If you are driving, hope that someone calls you so you can answer with the word at hand.  Hey, it’s a memory technique.

The context in which overarching was used in the CNN broadcast was political.  I believe it was along the lines of an “overarching investigation” having to do with the anniversary of an American embassy bombing. A sobering topic but all the better to gel the word in one’s mind.

Other usage…

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