How is technology changing the English language?

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Tag cloud on english languageBeing an English Language and Linguistics graduate, the language has always been of interest to me; the origin, history and influences that shapes the language we speak today. So although the majority of my three year course focused on how the language we speak today came about, it wasn’t really focused upon where our language was going.

So how is the English language starting to change?

Well to start with, apparently our lives have become so hectic that sometimes there just aren’t enough hours in the day to say a whole word. That’s why the good British public has taken abbreviations to their hearts so willingly. Many people talk about ‘quotes’ instead of ‘quotations’, ‘info’ rather than ‘information’, ‘R-Patz’ in place of ‘Robert Pattinson’. . . we all do it!

One step further than abbreviations is the good old acronym, which are entering our language at an exponential rate. They…

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