Why does English need Subject and Verb?

English Copies

Every sentence in English needs a subject and a verb to make it meaningful.

The subject is the noun that performs the action expressed by the verb. For example:

Jack, lying on his bed, loves listening to Rock music.

Subject: Jack
Verb: loves

Here are the three principles regarding subject and verb:

  1. Subject and Verb must exist
  2. Subject and Verb must make sense together
  3. Subject and Verb must agree in number

1) Subject and Verb must exist

An incomplete sentence i.e. either without a subject or a verb is called Fragment.

Wrong: The laptop stored in a drawer.

Why is the above sentence wrong? Because it is a Fragment. It misses a Working Verb.

A Working Verb is a verb that can run a sentence by itself.

The laptop cannot store itself in a drawer. What we mean is:

The laptop was stored in a drawer.

Was stored make a full…

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