Syllabus: Reading Explorer 1 (Ms. Shelia)

Explorers 1: Reading/Writing

TOPICS by Units       Semester 341

1.  Amazing Animals

2.  Travel and Adventure


4.  Other Words

5.  City Living

6.  Clothing and Fashion

7.  Dinosaurs Come Alive

  • You will have HOMEWORK assignments following each class. 
  • HOMEWORK will be turned in to my desk at the end of each week (Thursday). – Participation marks will be based ontimely HOMEWORK completion.Image
  • Pre-chapter work will be required each weekend –Interactive PowerPoint slideshows, introducing vocabulary, learning targets, etc. will be posted each Thursday.

       – You are expected to review relevant slideshow content before each Sunday’s class.

  • Interactive classroomrequires full attention and participation of each student.

        –  make vocabulary lists

        –  learn words and expressions

        –  practice vocabulary

        –  complete workbooks

        –  PowerPoint / CD Rom practice

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