Ship or Sheep?

Jade Blue ELT

Well, I’m back in the UK for a while, have started full-time at a new school and something interesting happened in class this week…

‘Back to the Board’ is a vocabulary game played in two teams, each of which has a representative who sits with their back to the board.  The teacher writes a word on the board and each team explains the meaning of the word to their representative.  The first representative to guess the word correctly wins their team a point.

ship_sheepThis week I began a lesson with my afternoon A2 students by playing this game.  About midway through the game I wrote the word shipon the board, and here’s what happened:  The first team immediately began ‘bleating’ at their representative, and describing a ‘white animal in a field’, while the second team – led by one particular student – kept repeating ‘opposite expensive!’.

Of course this…

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