Iron Bridge, Telford, UK

Back to the Roots

The beautiful town of Iron Bridge in Telford flourished as an important center of Industrial Revolution in the 1700s. The availability of minerals along the gorge of the River Severn helped the development of various kinds of industries.But there was one problem. The minerals were mined on the opposite bank of the river from where the people lived. This made it difficult to transport both goods and people during the Industrial Revolution. As the mines of clay, limestone, coal and iron ore lay on the other side of the river, laborers had to cross the river on boats for work and to bring back the minerals to the various industries. A bridge was essential in connecting the two banks of the River Severn which could facilitate the increasing volume of people and goods during those times.

Mines, foundries, factories and workshops flourished here. Coke was discovered and cast iron was used to…

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