Editors, I suppose, were writers once too..


Came across this article

words that drive your editor crazy

– a tongue in cheek collection of editor’s pet peeves. Its always interesting to peek over the garden wall, but in this case I was left a little depressed. And perplexed. Not for the first time either.

I have pet peeves in writing, most of them occur in books I don’t read. One seems to follow the other. And I am not an editor. It’s not my job to make someone else’s book read well; it is my responsibility to make my own book read so well you can’t pass it up.

I’ve never once counted my that’s, my this’s or my the’s – a word that in order to complain the editor had to use five times..

Its not just my own work though, I’ve never once thought, ah it could’ve been a great book, but all those was’s…

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