Possessive Adjectives – My, Your, His, Her, Their

Doug's Adventures In French

Possessive adjectives  are adjectives that indicate that the noun they modify is owned by someone: “my”, “your” “his” “her” “their” (e.g. my mum, your house, their friend). The possessive adjectives in French are one of the areas that give beginners the most trouble because they are quite different to their English counterparts. In French the possessive adjective agrees with the gender and number of the noun modified (the word “mum” in the phrase “my mum”). In English by contrast the possessive adjectives don’t agree with the noun modified. Instead they agree with the gender of the possessing subject for the third person (e.g. “his”, “her”).

Possessive adjectives need to be stated for each noun. For example:

Ma maison et ma voiture – my house and car.

In French the possessive adjectives have different forms for each of the persons of the owning noun, and different endings for the noun that they…

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