The little girl, who was all of 8 years young, tread slowly thru the dense jungle. Making no sound on the soft bed of fallen leaves, decaying vines, and moss, she nonetheless paused with each step and nervously placed one foot in front of the other. Her eyes narrowed and darted back and forth and up and down, surveying her surroundings with the trepidation of a frightened child and the efficiency of a seasoned tracker. Errant strands of hair brushed wistfully across her face as a light warm breeze of air gushed past her. Random rays of sunlight broke thru the jungle’s canopy and highlighted the dust and pollen particles in the air, which seemed to hang, unmoving and frozen in time. The vegetation grew haphazardly and as a pattern simultaneously. A feat achieved only by natural occurrences. It was untouched, uncultivated, virgin soil. A silence had taken over the…

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