What Lessons Should We Teachers Teach?

So, You Think You Can Teach ESL?

GTO is a really good source of inspiration for teachers.

This is from the manga, GTO: Great Teacher Onizuka, which I’ve referenced before. I’ve been re-reading this manga as a way to get through my current bout of writer’s block. As I’ve been reading through it, a few quotes have always stuck out to me as a teacher. This part is from a later chapter where Kisshou Academy has a new principal who institutes this point system where the teacher’s salary is directly related to the number of points the teacher has. There are various requirements for keeping the amount of points the teacher has, and he/she can lose points as well.

All of the teachers at the school, including Onizuka, gets caught up in the point-frenzy and begins to lose sight of what lessons and why he became a teacher in the first place. Ryuuji Danma, Oni’s best friend…

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