A List of Lists; Or, How I Organize the Fu(n) Out of Life

Don't Repeat This in Preschool

Since I was a child, people have commented on how organized I am.  Oh yes, they have said cruel words, or mocked me by presenting books on the topic of obsessive compulsive disorder to me as birthday gifts.  Yet, whose assistance is requested when my grandmother needs help figuring out how many jars of marshmallow crème she owns, or organizing her pantry so as to more easily rid it of canned goods when they expire?  When my grandmother hands a cousin a single-serve container of butterscotch pudding circa 1995, eyes lock and mouths mumble in unison, “Call Emily!”

While it has been suggested to me that I use my talents to help others professionally, via career as travel agent, executive assistant, or professional organizer, I find that I am unfortunately drawn toward the less lucrative vocation of writing.  Therefore, behold my

List of Ways I Organize Everything:

1)   Notes


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